We Need To Talk About The Parkland Florida Shooting And Aftermath

It didn’t feel right to include anything else in today’s show. I wanted to take the time to cover this story in the right way, with all the details for you.
UPDATE: The situation around ROF is muddy. We had reports from AP and others that claim a member of ROF said he was affiliated. Other reports also saying students said the shooter was a member of ROF, BUT Florida officials just reported there are no „known ties“ between the Parkland shooting suspect and any white supremacist group. I’ll make sure to keep looking into it and update as we find out more.
***Note: I always make an effort not to include the shooter’s name or picture in my show, and even though we used multiple sources to gather the details for this coverage, those sources also included information on the shooter that I do not want to give a spotlight to so I’ve decided to only link to the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund instead.

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